Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Buyouts or Layoffs in Operations at the LA Times

Just heard twenty-eight full time employees working in Packaging and Distribution, and Paper Handling have been offered buyouts in Operations. Have no further information at this time.


$.02 said...

The bloviating, self aggrandizing, Senior Vice President of Operations has gone and done it yet again—pulling a dirty white rabbit out of his ass and selling a red herring to the powers above. Let’s increase the color to keep the people and their attention deflected—give them a song and dance and take them all to the dog and pony show.

And I quote once again, —“You people make too much money for doing this job.” day one Oly pressroom, outside the ink room. I was there.

It's also clear that Russ Newton is endeavoring to re-live his union-busting days at the Tribune. He revels in his former glory days as the man who fired union pressmen and hired cheaper and better labor off of the street. (Well, that's how he told the story.)

He’s a stooge unto himself every morning he gets up and looks in the mirror—don’t let him get off on his responsibilities. Boobs do come in pairs, but he’s doing his best to perform a hernia removal with a butter knife.

Rudy h said...