Friday, December 23, 2011

Former Los Angeles Times Colleagues Meet

Last Friday I gathered with four former Los Angeles Times Employees at Brixton’s in Redondo Beach for our fill of music from the past. I was the guest of Fan Halen, which you probably already guessed is a Van Halen tribute band that plays around the country.

The line up included Dance Hall Pimps, Without Warning, True 2 Crue, and Fan Halen, and each group had their own followers, which filled the club to the max. I was seated in the VIP Room, which was slightly raised, and far enough back that the music wasn’t to loud. Each band was very entertaining with their own styles of music and dress.

The Berru Family joined me about 10:00 PM to enjoy their cousin Eric Berru singing in the Fan Halen Group. We had a blast especially seeing my former colleagues after many decades.

Fan Halen will be at Romano's
5225 Canyon Crest Dr Ste 58, Riverside, CA 92507-6318
on January 7th, 2012, I’ll be there in the back of the room.

Nash Berru Pressroom
Mark Berru Circulation
Deirdre Berru Advertising
Chris Berru Paper Handling

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