Thursday, December 29, 2011

Former Pressman Bill Widner Hospitalized

(From left) John Garay, Gordon Brown, Bill Widner, Vernon Stevens, and Billy Deuel.
Photo taken in May, 1987

Emmett Jaime sent word that former Los Angeles Times Pressroom supervisor Bill Widner was admitted to the hospital recently. Let’s send prayers for a speedy recovery for Billy Widner.

From Emmett Jaime: "Hi folks, hope you all had a nice Christmas. My son told me that Bill Widner was in the hospital. So I called Roger Howe to let him know, Bill is in Upland hospital which is in Upland, he said it was close to his house and that he would call Rose to find out how Bill's doing. He got back to me and said Bill had bleeding ulcers, his blood pressure was elevated and that he needed blood transfusions. Roger said they expect to move Bill to a private room soon and when they do we will go visit him."

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JimR said...

Wow, Popeye Duell without a paper hat. That's a first for me. Did T. Gordon give out pocket protectors?