Wednesday, April 04, 2012

USA Today to be Produced by the Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Newspaper Group Vice-President of Operations Ron Hasse broke the bad news to the production employees at the Sun-Bulletin, that the newspaper USA Today would be produced at the production facility for thirty more days.

Mr. Hasse further shared that production of USA Today
would be moved to the Los Angeles Times Olympic Facility, so it’s no longer a rumor. He stated that the Los Angeles Times delivers newspapers to the same distribution locations, and this move would save the company money in several areas.

The production facility will be left with three products once USAT is outsourced to the Los Angeles Times, San Bernadino County Sun, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, and the Redlands Daily Facts.

He also mentioned that after losing production of USAT, if no further products are brought in the last three newspapers would also be farmed out and produced elsewhere, which would shutter the facility, leaving seventeen pressmen unemployed.


Anonymous said...

The Times printing USAT, Otis is rolling in his grave.

Anonymous said...

Otis is on days