Friday, June 08, 2012

Leave it to Beaver - Hope for Firefighters Event

Eddie, Lumpy, Wally, and The Beaver

Yesterday’s event called Hope for Firefighters was a complete success with a crowd I estimate at 8,000 in attendance to raise money for injured firemen, orphans, and widows of firefighters.

With temperatures hovering at eighty degrees on a cloud free day no one was uncomfortable, with the exception of one of the relay participants suffering from heat exhaustion. With so many different rescue crews on hand, the situation was taken care of rather quickly.

One of the many methods used to raise funds was taking photographs with the four members from the television show “Leave it to Beaver”, which only cost $10.00, and the line of oldsters such as myself was long. Wally and The Beaver were extremely friendly, which shows through our photograph, and I thank all four gentlemen for donating their time for this worthy cause.

User beware of parking in downtown Los Angeles, I paid $37.00 for three and a half hours, next time I’ll park at Union Station for $6.00, and take a bus over, which I believe costs 50 cents each way.

I spent a total of $77.00 on the fundraiser, but just took a call that I won four tickets to the Angeles game on July 5th. Now get this, they called back again and announced I had also won four additional tickets to the Angels game on August 12th, wow I have great luck!

My hats off to the men and women that volunteered for this great event, and will give you my support next year as well.

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