Tuesday, October 02, 2012

How I Kicked the Smoking Habit

Thirty days ago today I gave up smoking cigarettes, which has been an extremely difficult habit to rid from my life. Many former colleagues have also kicked the smoking lifestyle with one sharing that giving up smoking is easy as he has quit smoking thousands of times, only to return to his old ways.    

My brand of nicotine was supplied by Marlboro's and depending on my time behind the computer I would consume between one and two packs of cigarette's per day. With the expense of cigarette's constantly on the rise hundreds of dollars per month went to feed my nicotine addiction.

Most long time smokers have attempted to wean themselves of their smoking habit by giving up alcohol and or coffee as the drinks go hand in hand with smoking. For myself I employed the patch, which is applied to your skin like a band aid, and releases nicotine to your system all day. The patch really didn't help me, but others have shared it did the trick for them, I only experienced pain where ever the patch was placed.
I also tried the presciption drug Chantix, which is a pill taken daily, the side affects of taking this drug were vivid dreams in full color. While taking this drug I was concerned that if I smoked I would get sick, but this proved to be a false fear as I smoked while taking the prescription with no bad experience.
Lastly I tried an electronic cigarette, and many have shared this worked for them and they never smoked again. The electronic cigarettes deliver nicotine with water to help smokers quit smoking by feeding the addiction, yet for myself it just didn't fill my want for a fix.
On September 2, 2012 while in Round Rock, Texas with Sammy Maloof I was prayed over by Sammy and Kim Bliquez to pull the spirit of smoking addiction from my soul, and it worked. For the non-smokers that have never smoked thirty days may seem like a short period of time. But my smoking colleagues understand thirty days is a triumph as I have now become a non-smoker. Any doubts I had regarding the power of prayer has been removed, amen.
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Anonymous said...

I believe Mark Twain said quitting smoking was the simplest thing he's done. He did it hundreds of times,

My question is why should I quit since the cure for cancer has been found in Brazil.

Faye said...

The power of prayer encompasses everything. I want to congratulate you for surviving the 30 days sans smoking. I hope this will be for the whole lifetime. By the way, electronic cigarettes works best in some heavy smokers, but it all ends up on your willpower to stop the addiction.