Monday, October 08, 2012

Monday Night in the Blogosphere

Jimmy Hoffa Jr. meets the Blogging Pressman

Sheriff Baca is out of time and excuses - Sandy Banks

National Newspaper Week is 365 days a year - Yuma Sun

Urgent: Gannett and Dish reach agreement - Gannett Blog

'The anger is getting worse’ at New York Times - Romenesko

Calif. Teamsters out in force against Prop 32 - Teamster Nation

LA Times Getting the Hang of Google Hangouts - Fishbowl LA

How can alt-weeklies survive if they’re no longer an alternative? - Poynter

Tim Rutten: Corporate Media Concentration a Big Threat - Frying Pan News

LA Weekly Picks the Great Los Angeles Walk as a Best of LA - Franklin Ave.

What’s the Union Busters’ Real Agenda for Education? - San Diego Free Press


Anonymous said...

Ed, did you ask him how much HE makes an hour and who pays him?

Anonymous said...

Why does not Ed answer his posts did the company buy him off?

Edward Padgett said...

I wasn't near a desktop and answering questions is still not the easiest with my cell phone. I'm not certain what Jimmy Hoffa makes per hour, but he is paid by the union members.