Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday Morning in the Blogosphere

As the Space Shuttle Endeavour inched by last Friday, click here for additional photographs

Earnings | GCI seen reporting Q3 rev, profit jump - Gannett Blog

What you need to know about minimalist news app Circa - Poynter

US newspaper puts 'print first' and hires 50 editorial staff - Guardian

Surprise! Researchers See Industry Growth - Newspaper Death Watch

Prop. 32: A Zombie Measure Returns from the Dead - Frying Pan News

Laguna Beach Man Collects Thousands of Old Newspapers - Fishbowl LA

Teenagers’ Cars Are the Gifts That Keep on Wreaking Havoc - Streets Blog

Larry Flynt firm to acquire Boulder's New Frontier Media Inc. - Daily Camera

Newspapers' decline continues, Pew asks: is TV news next? - Chicago Tribune

Digital now represents more than 25 percent of total revenues - Wall Street Journal

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