Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday Morning in the Blogosphere

Councilman Eric Garcetti meets the Blogging Pressman
New York Times to Make 'Final Offer' to Union - The Wrap

LA represented in New York Times DC bureau - Kevin Roderick

Pakistani blogger in stable condition after Taliban attack - Poynter

Times publisher to Guild members: I don't care - Newspaper Guild

The Shrinking Of Our Middle Class Is No Accident - Jimmy Hoffa

Ypsilanti Township will not permit homeless to sell papers - Ann Arbor

Homelessness Myth #25: Here a Homeless, There a Homeless - San Diego Free

Billionaire CEO Threatens To Fire Employees If Obama Wins - Think Progress

Newspapers not delivered this morning, read the e-edition free - Rapid City Journal

As USA Today Turns 30, Columnists Write Its Obituary - Newspaper Death Watch

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