Saturday, September 21, 2013

The people on Skid-row are regular people

The man on the left is the person who hired homeless people from Skid-row to wait in line for him to buy the new iPhone. When the store finally opened and he found out that they couldn't actually purchase the phones, he decided that he wasn't going to compensate the people who stood in line for hours. People who stood in line and slept in the open for around 12 hours overnight.

Neither did he arrange transport for them to go back to Skid-row as he had done to bring them to Pasadena to the store. This left around 75 homeless people stranded in Pasadena and lead to a disturbance which ended in 2 people being arrested.

You are not low if you are poor or you live on Skid-row. You are low when you use people like they are disposable, and toss them out when they are of no use to you!

The people on Skid-row are regular people like you and me who just fell on hard times. Most of these people are actually amazing human beings. It's just not their time to shine just yet!

Read the LA Times article on this incident here:,0,5069855.story


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