Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rest in Peace Tom Peters

John Fountain and Tom Peters

I regret to inform you of the loss of Los Angeles Times Pressman (retired) Tom Peters, a resident of San Dimas, CA. I have no further information at this time.
Mr. Peters began his career at Times Mirror Square before transferring to the now shuttered Chatsworth Production Facility, where he left with one of the many buyouts.


Anonymous said...

One of the better foremen at the Times not like the animals they have now

Anonymous said...

Tom was good to me. He understood a hard working press person. He overlooked mistakes that were made in heat of getting the job out. I remember in Valley how you could set your clock to Tom coming out of the Freight Elevator by the locker at exactly 10:30 PM. The door would open and I would look at my watch, sure enough 10:30 pm on the dot.

Anonymous said...

Very sad news. Tom's crew was the first one I ever picked as an apprentice. With only five picks out of thirty some crews I lucked out and got the best one. A year later I picked for hours instead of people. My third year it was back to bad hours and Tom's crew. I learned many things about being a good Pressman from Tom; The most important was how to treat and keep control of a crew. I like to think that what I learned from T.P. made me a better operator when the Times foolishly promoted me. R.I.P. Tommy

Bill Sperry said...

I worked with Tom for many years, from being flyboy on his crew to being one of the operators when he was a shift supervisor.I like to think that I learned a lot about being a good pressman and a decent person from Tom.

Anonymous said...

Tom was the best Operator/Foremen/Shift Supervisor/
that I had the pleasure of working under in all my years at the Times.
My Prayers are with Lilly and the rest of his family.

peters4336 said...

Thank you for remembering Tom, his crews were his family and he always said he had some of the best. Thank you John Fountain for posting the picture of you guys. Just to let you know, per Tom's request there will be no service. As many of you can attest that when he made you commit to something, you had better follow through. His exact words were that if I disregarded this he would come back to haunt me, and NOT IN A GOOD WAY, so just raise a glass to the good times and he will be happy.

Thank you,
Lily Peters
Suzanne Motes
Cindy Bathalter
And families

Anonymous said...

RIP Tom. Learned a lot from you as an Apprentice and Journeyman. Remember the Plate Table in the old Pressroom and working together on Press Crews? I remember the black book you kept in your pocket documenting the overtime we worked so we could go home on time if a mistake was made. I'll always remember you.

Herb Ware

all7ofus said...

Loved this tribute! Dad didn't talk about work much. It's nice to get a little glimpse into his work family! Thank you all for sharing.

Cindy & family