Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Three more join the ranks of departed Los Angeles Times Employees

Terry Little (L) and Dennis Dehaas

The exodus of employees from the Los Angeles Times continues at an ever increasing rate, I suppose the future of the newspaper may be the cause as many see the writing on the wall.

Three more long term employees have hung up their tools and put in the paper work for retirement. Terry Little left last month, with Ed McLaughlin, and Doug Chandler leaving this month.We wish the three the best in their lives after the Los Angeles Times.

The men were all from the Operations Department and will be missed by their colleagues.


Anonymous said...

probly last buyout. just a see ya now with nothing to hand out on next round of cuts with la registar comming on line soon. sapping up more of the little profits left and falling circulation.

Anonymous said...

Terry and Ed two of the good guys in Production Services, they will be missed.... All the best guys you earned it!!!!

Anonymous said...

I said it before and I'll say it again. Walk down to C or D press and look at a real paper. We used to be a real paper till the Tribune and the bone pickers took over.