Monday, July 07, 2014

Monday Morning in the Blogosphere

Former and current Los Angeles Times pressmen
Mike Barnes, Paul Anders, and Cesar Calderon

Print news spikes -

Newspaper Behind Bars - Editor and Publisher

Print needs Samurai leaders -

ChicagoSide disappearance is sad commentary - Robert Feder

Wall Street Journal Union in the dark about layoffs - Romenesko

Great news for the 4th of July: Al Martinez is back - LAObserved

What if The New York Times Went Weekly? - Newspaper Death Watch

What newspaper trends of 2014 mean for industry’s future - Caroline Little

L.A. Times corrects report of author’s porn habits, man’s “endowment” - Poynter

What Newspapers Can Learn from Grocery Stores - American Journalism Review

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more ivy league college grads?