Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Meeting with the Publisher?

I was informed earlier this afternoon everyone working the swing shift on Thursday would be attending a mandatory meeting, one hour prior to our regular start time of one in the afternoon. This conflicts with the union rally on Thursday in East Los Angeles at eleven in the morning. I’m wondering if the Times meeting was scheduled to interfere with the union meeting, or was it planned ahead of time, we will never know the truth. Sure makes you wonder though.

Listen to the GCC-Teamsters Organizer, Marty Keegan, on KPFK radio by clicking here.
If this link does not run, try this link.

Since we no longer have any type of Christmas party in the pressroom at Olympic, my crew members and I have decided to throw our own party on Thursday. Our pressroom manager has requested I get an estimate for supplying food for the entire swing shift, which I will do in the morning. That was a nice gesture on his part.


Anonymous said...

soooo.. who is "invited " and who is not ;)

Ed Padgett said...

Everyone will be invited, as far as I have been led to believe.