Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Missing Man Found in Ore. Mountains

Saturday morning as I listened to Leo Laporte on KFI 640 AM, Leo mentioned his friend, James Kim, and explained how the family was missing while returning home from a vacation in the Pacific Northwest.

Searchers had been following James Kim's footprints in the snow and searching by helicopter since his wife and two young daughters were rescued Monday. They also found pieces of his clothing, which they believed he left and arranged to give searchers clues to his whereabouts in Oregon's Coast Range.

Kim was a senior editor for the technology media company CNET Networks Inc. He and his family had been missing since Nov. 25.

Before rescue crews could drop packages with clothing, emergency gear and provisions, a search helicopter spotted Kim's body at the foot of the Big Windy Creek drainage

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Kanani said...

This was a tragic outcome and it was avoidable. He and his wife broke several rule about winter travel, which included traveling in unfamiliar terrain late at night.

It's so sad.