Friday, December 15, 2006

Operations Employees Have Ideas Too

Hi Ed,

I spoke to Aaron Curtiss who is one of the members of the committee collecting ideas from employees to improve the newspaper and website. He is so excited to hear that you and other Operations employees are interested in submitting ideas. Since the "latideas" inbox was only set up for internal emails, he recommended emailing him directly with your ideas at aaron.curtiss(NOSPAM) He said it would be extremely helpful if you put in the subject line "latideas" (like I have in this email) so he knows exactly what to do when he receives the emails.

I will also post this in the Pressroom Office so other employees who are interested in submitting ideas can do the same thing.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention in the meeting earlier. Thanks to you, Operations employees are now able to submit great ideas to help our company go to higher levels.

Thank you,Monica

-----Original Message----->
From: Internal News
Sent: Monday, October 16, 2006 5:23 PM
To: Internal News
Subject: Clarification Regarding Oct. 13 Bulletin

(Managers and supervisors: Please share this information with your employees who do not have e-mail. Thank you.)

The committee gathering ideas for improving the newspaper and website has been flooded with excellent suggestions from across the company.

Please keep them coming. Employees wishing to submit ideas should forward them to the project's internal mailbox by typing only latideas in the "To" field of your Outlook message.

Do not address them to, which is an invalid email address.

Editors Message: The contact email address has (NOSPAM) attached to the email address to prevent spammers from collecting the email address, just edit out the no spam portion to send in your ideas on improving the Los Angeles Times. Your ideas are wanted and needed.

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