Sunday, December 31, 2006

Those that left us in 2006 - October


Helen Chenoweth-Hage, 68. Three-term Idaho congresswoman; outspoken archconservative. Oct. 2.

R.W. Apple Jr., 71. Colorful New York Times correspondent; wrote about politics, food, travel. Oct. 4.

Gary C. Comer, 78. Founded Lands' End clothing company. Oct. 4.

Friedrich Karl Flick, 79. Billionaire Austrian industrialist. Oct. 5.

Buck O'Neil, 94. Negro Leagues batting ace; a star of PBS'"Baseball." Oct. 6.

Ray Noorda, 82. Founded software maker Novell Inc., was known as the father of network computing. Oct. 9.

Gillo Pontecorvo, 86. Italian filmmaker who directed "The Battle of Algiers," epic on Algerian uprising against the French. Oct. 12.

Dr. Mason Andrews, 87. Delivered nation's first test-tube baby in 1981. Oct. 13.

Freddy Fender, 69. Texas'"Bebop Kid"; sang the smash country ballad "Before the Next Teardrop Falls." Oct. 14.

Gerry Studds, 69. First openly gay member of Congress; homosexuality exposed during page scandal. Oct. 14.

Valentin Paniagua, 69. Former interim president of Peru, shepherded his country back to democracy. Oct. 16.

Marc Hodler, 87. International Olympic Committee member who blew the whistle on the Salt Lake City bidding. Oct. 18.

Jane Wyatt, 96. Lovely actress who for six years on "Father Knows Best" was one of TV's favorite moms. Oct. 20.

Benjamin Meed, 88. Escaped the Warsaw Ghetto; later helped establish a national Holocaust registry. Oct. 24.

Enolia P. McMillan, 102. First female NAACP president. Oct. 24.

Sally Lilienthal, 87. Nuclear weapons opponent, founded influential Ploughshares Fund. Oct. 24.

Trevor Berbick, about 51. Former heavyweight champion. Oct. 28. Fatal beating.

Red Auerbach, 89. Basketball Hall of Famer, guided the Boston Celtics to 16 championships. Oct. 28.

Robert Anderson, 85. As CEO of Rockwell International, oversaw building of space shuttle, B-1B bomber. Oct. 28.

Muhammadu Maccido, 58. Spiritual leader to millions of Nigerian Muslims. Oct. 29. Plane crash.

P.W. Botha, 90. Apartheid-era South African president. Oct. 31.

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