Monday, December 11, 2006

Tribune Company Blog List

During my lunch break today I went over to the Olympic Learning Center to access the Internet, and to my dismay my homepage had been changed from my blog to the union free web site. I naturally made the needed changes and will see what homepage appears tomorrow when I log onto the Internet from work.

Speaking about WebPages, I was informed last week that certain blogs are despised by the Los Angeles Times, from a Tribune boss. Maybe this should be restated, there are certain blogs the Tribune doesn’t care for. When I asked what blogs the speaker was referring to, he stated that the number one blog they disliked most was Take Back the Times, number two LAObserved, and number three Save Our Trade.

I didn’t bother to ask where my blog stands in the ratings, so we’ll assume we are in fourth place, with Craig’s List fifth.

It’s easy to see Union Free is the favorite among management at the newspaper.


Anonymous said...

ED, that was an easy guess

Ed Padgett said...

The pull down menu "Tools" is now taboo in the Learning Center, access restricted. My home page is now union free, if I like it or not!

At least we still have Internet access from work.