Saturday, January 06, 2007

Former LA Times Pressman Mickey Thompson

Many readers probably didn't know that Mickey Thompson was once a pressman at the Los Angeles Times, before he met fame in the racing world. Mickey had left the Times before I started working at the newspaper, but he was remembered for working in the pressroom by the old timers that we worked with. I contacted retired pressroom supervisor Don (lightning) Stevens regarding working with Mickey and he sent the following message.

Yes - I worked with him for 12 years before he left the Times. We ran around together for a while. I started to chop a top on a '34 ford coupe for him but my first wife raised hell about it and I gave it up right after I had chopped it, but couldn't finish it, because of her. Mickey gave me a couple of rides I won't forget. Once in a Cad Curtis race car. We were going out San Fernando Rd when he floored it and the throttle stuck (Motor mount broke) and we were doing over a 100 + before the car caught up with the motor and the engine settled down and we were able to stop just short of Glendale. I thought we were going to go right through to Burbank without stopping. Another time he was driving Ray Crawford's (Crawford's Market) '52 Lincoln club coupe race car. We were going west on the 10 Frwy doing 70 miles an hour and turned right at spring St turn off. I could see us splattered against the wall - didn't happen - the Lincoln was built for racing and had Heavy Duty Shocks. There were other experience's as well but I wont go into all of them.

Don Stevens

PS Mickey's first wife's name was Judy - 2nd Wife was Trudy

Thanks Don

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