Friday, January 26, 2007

MyLATimes Has the Net Buzzing

This morning as I starting my morning routine, waking the children for school, brewing a pot of coffee, feeding my furry friends (we have two cats), and booting up my computer, I just didn’t have the time to sit down at my desk till after nine this morning.

I work the swing shift at the newspaper, so this means I need to take care of personal business in the morning, before heading to the Los Angeles Times at noon.

Seems the overall reaction from the blogosphere is positive, regarding the new feature at LA Times online, MyLATimes. The only person unhappy is Ken Reich, but he dislikes anything David Hiller (publisher) or Jim O’Shea (editor) have implemented at the newspaper, and that’s Ken’s right to voice his own opinion. Ken and I can agree to disagree on this matter.

David Hiller and Jim O’Shea may or may not stay with the Los Angeles Times, if the newspaper is sold in the near future, but they will leave their legacy with us, through the changes underway with the online edition of the newspaper for years to come.

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Just a few moments ago I logged onto MyLATimes using a DSL connection, the LA Times uses a T-1 connection (extremely fast) and it took over ninety seconds before I was connected. Tells me MyLATimes is attracting a very large audience of users. I would be interested in seeing how many users (hits) the page received today, I'm sure its in the hundred thousand range.

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Jason Oberfest said...

Hi Ed,

I wanted to let you know we were doing some maintenance on the My LATimes hosting environment at that time. if you try again now I hope you will see soem better performance.

Thanks for giving it a look!


Jason Oberfest

LA Times Interactive