Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New Communications Tool

As I mentioned yesterday we are looking at software for adding forums to answer your questions regarding the union at the newspaper. Messages on the blog are active for fourteen days, then become archived, which many have complained about.

Take a look at this automotive bulletin board and let us know if this would be helpful for everyone, before we make the purchase.


Hat Tip to Jesse


Anonymous said...

Are you not being a bit presumptuous? Tell me you're not declaring yourself the ultimate resource for union Q&A!

In another post a contributor likens the strength of your union with that of teachers, police, firemen and harbor workers. There is, however, two big differences.

1) They are not in dying industries
2) Formal education and certifications are required for most of those other positions.

As I said before. You have won but you don't yet know what it is you won. Your prize (booby or otherwise) will be spelled out in the contract.

Ed Padgett said...

I am not declaring anything, and will supply other sources for questions and answers as they become availible.

I won? I took it for granted the union would be defeated yet again, I'm as shocked as everyone else was.

Thanks for your comment.

Jess Espinoza said...

I'm sorry if you got that impression, we are not declaring ourselves experts on union issues, quite the opposite, we are just as much in the dark on these matters as the majority of pressroom employees. We're putting up a message board in an effort to expedite the dissemination of information in these uncertain times. Many employees have questions, and there are few answers at this point, perhaps asking questions in an open forum will help our fellow presspeople obtain the information they are seeking.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ed,
I think the union should Commutate with us directly and not through a third party. Too mush smut goes on. Thanks Love You

Anonymous said...

I agree, it would be great if the union saw fit to communicate directly with us, but it's not happening! It would be great if they would share their agenda with us new union members, but they're not! So bring it on Ed and Jess, I would appreciate any information I can get, it's better than being kept in the dark!