Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Online News or Hard Copy News

Last year I did not renew my subscription to the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, and this year I will end my delivery of the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, I have opted to subscribe to an online news source instead.

My subscription to the Los Angeles Times and LA Weekly will continue, with no plans of stopping delivery this year.

The online service I have chosen to support was an easy decision to make, I read the blog of LAObserved several times per day, and the $39.00 subscription is well worth this minor expense. And since my co-workers and myself in the pressroom at the Times do not have access to most of the emails from the CEO of the company or the publisher of the newspaper, I can always stay on top of breaking news at the newspaper from this blog.

I wonder if the Los Angeles Times, and other newspapers, have thought of offering online subscriptions only, might be something to consider in the near future.

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