Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Pressmen's Dinner a Hit

The Pressmen’s dinner last night at Luminarias Restaurant was an overwhelming success on all fronts, there were no complaints, and the club wants to return again in October. We changed restaurants, from Taix, in order to save money, but the price was similar to Taix.

Yet, our room was large enough to seat everyone comfortably, with large windows over looking Cal State Los Angeles and the clogged freeways below us.

As the men filled the room the sound level increased to a rather loud roar, as they were so happy to see one another again, remember, many of the men worked together for thirty to forty years. It’s something like a class reunion that occurs every six months.

We had two special guests join us, Russ Burgess and Klaus Kurst, long time Los Angeles Times employees themselves.

Comedian Tina Kim agreed to do a fifteen-minute stand up routine, which went over extremely well, that lasted forty minutes.

Starting in 2008 we will move our dinners from the Tuesday/Saturday format to a Monday/Saturday format to allow the men and women with Sunday and Monday's off to attend.

Our next dinner will be held on October 27th, 2007 and I urge all employees to give it a try, you may return again and again.

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