Thursday, March 15, 2007

Selling Subscriptions 101

Three weeks ago Jack announced the Friends and Family drive to increase subscribers to the Los Angeles Times, and this blogger took it for granted this would be an easy task. Nothing could be further from the truth; it’s not easy getting friends and family to take the newspaper.

I began my personal subscription drive with my blog, soon after I added an advertisement on my web page, and finally topped this off with a mass e-mailing of almost everyone in my address book. The results were staggering, one person signed up for home delivery, bursting my bubble of how easy I assumed this would be.

Over one week ago I started handing out the Times cards, with my employee number inserted into the blank space, and the reactions of the public vary widely. Several people I have given the cards to could not say yes or no to taking the newspaper, they had to give me the many reason’s they refuse to take the paper at home, while I’m thinking to myself “All I want is a yes or no answer”.

My goal of one hundred new subscribers is a long way off as I fine-tune my sales skills in an attempt to garner readers back to the newspaper’s hard copy. It’s not so much about the commission I’m paid; it has to do with bringing positive news to the company from the expendable Operations Department.

Since the inception of the no call law, the company is no longer allowed to call the public at home, am I allowed calling from my home to gain new subscribers? As soon as I can get an answer to this question I will start my calling campaign from home.

Jack has not stated how long this program will play out, I feel we should continue the program the remainder of this year.

Update: The program ends on March 26th, 2007. Enter employee code 051627 and follow this link Friends and Family. Thank you


jeff prescott, san diego said...

due to your generous offer....i restarted my home delivery.....i was going back to the news rack every day...but the one near my house gets only one paper, so you have to be there the next block, at starbucks, the machine has been broken for 3-weeks with no new papers delivered..and two blocks from that, there's an unsightly times machine that was apparently hit by a car....i know san diego isn't that important, but if you knew how many people dislike the union-tribune, you might sell a few more papers here!

Ed Padgett said...


Thanks a MILLION, from myself and all the folks at the Los Angeles Times.

I'm glad you left a comment, I need to contact you regarding our dinner in two weeks.

Thanks again,

Evan said...

Sorry, I just don't feel that the paper is worth it anymore. The constant changes, hype in improving the paper in terms of style...and then dumping Erin Aubrey Kaplan. I fear that the Book Review/Opinion merger will be the last straw for me.

darleene said...

Ouch! While I appreciated the card you gave me at the Mediabistro blogger's party, I didn't realize this was a personal subscription drive. Alas, I haven't ever subscribed to a newspaper, not even ones I worked for! Now that I work in TV, its kind of a moot point...