Thursday, March 08, 2007

You Have Mail

Occasionally I share my emails on the blog, and thought it was time to share a few with everyone.

Harvey Schwatrz

As a former employee, I can say it was great to "discover" your site three years ago. Old black-and-white pressmen photos, current pressroom photo updates, updates on Northridge Pressroom, and especially updates on old coworkers (I never would have known of Taffoni's passing had you not posted it). Your website WAS great.

I hate to say this, but you've morphed the website from a diverse, informative, site about the pressroom and its employees, into a BLOG (A personal diary of contributors). I don't think you want to work at it any more. It's probably easier to pen your thoughts in five minutes rather than doing some real work and coming up with some new photos and info on former coworkers.

I still like your site. But I think you need to deemphasize the diary, and get back to the good stuff (when was the last time you updated the photos on the site?)

Regards Ed!

Harvey, thanks for the feedback. I have many excuses for not updating the web page on a regular basis, but no one wants to hear excuses. I'll take the comments on a positive note and start adding new and old photographs. Really appreciate the feedback.

Kanani Fong

Ed, Can you help me get in touch with Al Martinez? Or Steve Lopez?I want to know if he'd come speak to a small group of writers about writing. Hope the party was fun last night. I thought about you and Jesse.

Kanani wrote that Al Martinez will be attending and speaking to her group of writers this morning.

Larry Jordan

Eddie, there was an obituary in the SGV Tribune on Tuesday noting the passing of Roger Van Steenis' mother. She passed away on March 2 and the services were held Tuesday Mar. 6. I don't know if anything was posted, but I would like to send along my sympathies to Roger and the family.

Thanks Larry, I'll pass this along at work, my sympathies to Roger and his family.

Russ Burgess

I got you letter about the upcoming dinner and thank you for that. I am planning on being there and am bringing Klaus Kurz with me. Would our costs be $50 each? Let me know and I will have a check in the mail right away.

Also, moving the dinner to Luminaries is an excellent idea for Klaus and I as we live in that direction.

Thanks again.

Russ, thanks for bringing Klaus to the dinner, everyone will be elated to see both of you again.

Zuma Dogg

Thanks for featuring my Eli Broad video/stroy on your blog. quite a respectable short-list of contributors. so thanks. cause it came up on a google search for "zuma dogg" -- so i love when that happens. lots more videos on City issues at and i am doing an article for LA Weekly about Eli Broad's "Grand Ave. Project", so if you wanted to talk about that, give me a call at 216, yes 216-346-xxxx. thanks, zuma dogg.

Zuma Dogg, you are all over the blogosphere, I'm elated to get an email from you.

Laurel Touby

I hope you're excited about tomorrow night's Blogger Party at Bar Lubitsch. Strong cocktails, good conversation, and about 60 other bloggers, writers & editors - it's guaranteed to be a good time!'s Unbeige blogger, Alissa Walker, will be there to make sure that everyone is mingling and having a great time!The full details are below, so please feel free to invite a few of your friends or colleagues. Here is the link to RSVP: Hope you can make it!

Laurel, Jesse and I had a great time. Will keep an eye out for the next blogger party, thank you for having us there.

Orlando Salazar

Hi Ed, thanks for the notification. I am glad you changed the restaurant to Luminarias, that's where my wife and I go for New Years for the last 5 years, it is a great place to go and then after dinner we can stay for dancing to salsa music.

Let me know where to send the payment and how much. I have the pictures of the last Dinner, I can give you a CD, if you like I can bring it to the Times, you tell me.

Orlando, I don't think the Gay Motorcycle Association will be there, but we will still have a great time. Tina Kim will make us laugh with her comedy act, and I may also invite a speaker as well. We have the room from 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Emmett Jaime

Ed, thank you for taking the videos of the presses running, I guess its the only way us guys that used to work there will every see another press run. I really enjoyed them and brings back alot of good memories. I also saw your short article of the Seattle Times and Post-Intelligencer on when they could not print their newspaper, I will mail you an article that came out in the sunday Times about the day the paper could not put out thier daily edition, I don't believe this ever happened at the Los Angeles Times. Again,thanks for the videos, I will share them with my family.

Emmett, it's really sad that former employees are treated in such a manner at the Los Angeles Times, the good old days are gone forever. Looking forward to seeing you at the dinner.

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