Wednesday, October 10, 2007

David Hiller Now a Blogger Newbie

From: Hiller, David
Sent: Wed Oct 10 16:06 2007
Subject: Publisher's Blog


Taking up a suggestion a number of you have made, I have decided to do a blog about things going on at The Times and in our industry. It will be two-way, so you can post comments, give feedback and ask questions, and see what others are saying.

The Blog Homepage:

This is my first blog, so we’ll be experimenting together a bit.

We thought it would be good to start with a few guidelines:

  • This is internal, just for us, so please don’t share the blog content outside the company
  • Comments require the full name of the person posting – no anonymous posts
  • The blogs are moderated and all posts will be reviewed for inappropriate language (e.g., libelous, obscene, invasion of privacy, etc.)
  • The blogs will not get into specific employment matters (e.g., wages, hours, other terms and conditions of work)
  • Be open and candid, and (as always) considerate of others’ ideas and viewpoints
  • We may change our approach based on experience
So see you on the blog, and I look forward to our continuing conversation.


h/t Kevin Roderick

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