Monday, October 29, 2007

Internet Speed Monitor

Having used computer’s for over twenty years I thought of myself as an experienced user, until a program called Internet Speed Monitor showed me how little I really know.

Last week my computer started giving me a warning notice with a popup that said my server was busy, and could not continue what I was doing. The message gave me two options, retry the program or cancel the task at hand, but I could not close the warning popup box. Clicking on any of the options, or trying to close the box resulted in the activation of the Internet Speed Monitor. This program would open a new window in my browser, which would display a different advertisement every time it was activated.

It did not matter if I was running Internet Explorer or not, the program would take control of my computer for five minutes at a time, that’s how long I had to wait before I was able to close all the open windows. It was a pain in the rear, and a waste of my time.

After upgrading Spybot and Ad-Aware, I ran each program separately, and removed all the adware, malware, and cookies that were suspect. Yet, Internet Speed Monitor continued running, displaying all types of advertisements I had not ask to be bothered with.

My next step was to run the spyware removal programs in safe mode, which you can do as well by tapping on the F8 key as your computer boots up. This method also failed to achieve the results I was seeking, removal of the Internet Speed Monitor.

Just by accident, as I prepared to remove a video program I was testing, from the add/remove area of control panel, I discovered Internet Speed Monitor had been installed as a program onto my hard drive. After un-installing this adware generator, I have not been troubled with any further false alarms or unwanted advertising. I am back in control of my computer, for the time being.

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darryl said...

What is the program called that you removed fron your hardrive?