Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Open Enrollment Correction

After taking many questions regarding open enrollment for medical benefits this afternoon from my colleagues, and unable to locate anyone that could answer the questions. I logged onto TribLink to see for myself if I was able to update my options for 2008, and sure enough I updated my benefits tonight. On Monday I reported pressroom employees were unable to update their health care options, this was in error and I apologize for this mistake.

From TribLink:
There are important changes to your health and welfare benefits for 2008. To view a summary of the changes, Click here. To view details about the changes, Click here. You may also click on the eBenefits Help link above for links to this and other useful documents.

To change your benefits for 2008
To change your benefits for 2008, make your elections using the following screens during Open Enrollment from Oct. 15th through Nov. 2nd. Click the Update buttons next to each plan to see the options available and the associated cost, link to provider directories and plans summaries, and make changes.

If you make changes to your benefits for 2008, please remember to print a Confirmation Statement when prompted after clicking Submit. A statement will not be automatically sent to your home.

Enrollment Deadline
You may not make any changes to your benefits after Nov. 2nd. The elections you make are effective January 1, 2008 through December 31, 2008, unless you experience a qualified change in family status and contact the Tribune Benefits Service Center within 31 days of the event.

You Must Take Action
If you do not want to make any plan changes, you must answer the two questions related to tobacco use and spouse/domestic partner available coverage. Go back to the Benefits Enrollment page, click Select, scroll down and click Submit to proceed directly to the questions.

If you participate in Flexible Spending Accounts, you must re-enroll, or you will not participate in these accounts in 2008.

All other benefit elections will remain the same for 2008 if you do not re-enroll.


Ronnie Pineda said...

On Oct 15th myself as well as a couple of others attempted to log into their benefits and the site said " you have no open benefits enrollment" at the bottom of the page. I was able to open two links for a summary and a detail of benefits and that was all. On the 16th access was available and I removed the post from the SOT blog.

All of are benefits are subject to collective bargaining as well as these new fees.

Ronnie Pineda said...

Sorry for the spelling error.
All of OUR benefits ARE subject to collective bargaining.