Thursday, January 03, 2008

late night...

At 11:07, I was getting ready for bed, when I heard a crash. My son was having a seizure. We called the paramedics and he's at St. Jude. I just got home. Thankfully, some neighbors came to stay with my daughter. My son is being admitted for a neurology consult. They did a CT scan and showed no brain abnormalities. I'm going to straighten up, then go to bed, as my daughter is sick too.
When it rains it pours.

and by the way, I know my comments about healthcare upset Russ, and I'm sorry they did. But I can write volumes about health care contracting, plans, how the money you spend is divvied up, and also the history of HMO's. I don't think HMO's are bad, just understand that they are the most expensive plan you can have because they are all inclusive. I can tell you about running a small and struggling against the odds solo practice and also how much rents, wages, and supplies (for example: sutures have risen almost 60% in two years, even a vial of lidocaine with epinephrine has risen 50%) cost, and how suppliers are merging to create larger companies. All of this effects the bottom line. I can also tell you that most patients I encounter do not understand their health plan because it's such a maze. I have worked in healthcare for 20 years in addition to doing everything else that I do. I've spoken with professionals and also congressmen and senators. And believe me --your elected people do not know how this thing works, hence, they come up with big ideas but don't quite have the over all picture. Will Universal healthcare like the model in Canada and UK work here? No, it won't. But not for the reasons given. It's a lot deeper than even Michael Moore can grasp.

We have a long road to go. Unfortunately, high premiums are hitting everyone for a myriad of reasons. It's not a Tribune fault, it's just the health care industry, and the Trib and other companies are at the mercy of an industry whose motivation is profit, whereas the Trib's motivation is to keep employees healthy --not always the same thing.

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Ed Padgett said...

Oh Kanani,

I hope your son will be all right?

Having spent many a night in the emergency room as the children grew up, I understand your exhaustion, been there done that.

Call me if you need some help, like bringing dinner over for you and the children tonight, I finish work at 8:30 p.m.

Nubia said...


I feel your pain. Will keep you and yours in my prayers.

Like Edward, please let me know if there's ANYTHING I can do to lighten your load. I'm available.

Hang in there,


Kanani said...

Oh, I'm so tired. I fell asleep after 4 a.m. and the contractor (who I hired in October) showed up at 9 a.m.! Will is in the hospital. They'll do an MRI and EEG, as well as go over all his meds (which also could have caused the seizure. They also gave him and IV for liquids.

Also on other news, one of my staff contacted me today. Her uncle died last night.

Let's hope the worst is behind us and well all go forward.

Chef Debi said...

Oh my, sorry to hear of your plight.

God be with you all.....