Friday, March 14, 2008

David Markland Lands New Gig

I find it gratifying when friends and family do well, which brings to mind my friend David Markland, a contributor at Metblogs. David and I met for the first time at the Media Bistro party last year, and I still remember his first words to me “I’m sorry Edward, I’m going to put you and your newspaper out of business”.

He wasn’t kidding if you take a look at a newspaper near you, and the migration most newspaper companies are taking towards the Internet.

David holds a special place in my heart, as he was one of the many unsung hero’s that helped with the party after we buried my son Bryan last August, for this he will always gain my attention and admiration.

KNBC has launched a new (pardon the vernacular Mark Cuban) blog, titled California Faultline, which David operates, drop by and I’m certain you will enjoy his writing style.


The Unsomnambulist said...

Thanks for the shout, Edward!
I think my words were more to the effect of, "Bloggers and the internet will put the pressroom out of business," and I wasn't saying it with any glee. Then again, sometimes I say stuff and just find myself clarifying later on.
Hope to catch up with you at the next book fest, or perhaps sooner!

Kanani said...

I like David too, and he was super helpful at the funeral. He and I talked a lot about bloggers and I remember talking about writing. He was really great, very conscientious, so clear that this was what he wanted to do. He's also a good writer.

I think it's obvious that there will always be papers. Believe it or not, I do.
Bloggers have already made very big inroads in reporting, however, if all these bloggers want to put the LA Times out of business then they'd better learn how to write. And not just write, but write REALLY well and to do the research and have all the sources.

What I learned at fashion week was this --there are many bloggers but few very good writers. It's easy to write little ripostes, harder to come through with a clear voice that means something.