Sunday, March 16, 2008

How things have changed (Warning: sissy stuff)

Impressions of fashion week--
Everyone reporting was doing it for online sources. Almost no one works solely for print publications anymore. I met tons of bloggers --some of their blogs are really bad. Most have a bunch of ads up and all they do is say, "oooo.... I liked this dress and then had people "vote." Most of the good writing came from veteran fashion journalists --kind of a breed nearing extinction and it was a pleasure to meet them. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week made it easy --they even provide official photographs online that we could access. So really, there's no reason to even bring your photographer anymore. Amazing.
And... the papparazzi is really obnoxious. I saw one lady holding a microphone 2" from Mena Suvari's face as she was just sitting there trying to get ready for the show.

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