Monday, March 10, 2008

Julia Clancey --All In The Details

Julia Clancey brings attitude to couture. Her first statement was one against the brutish treatment she suffered at the hands of the customs agents as she made her way to L.A. Apparently, they confiscated her collection for three days! It's not the first I've heard about the customs department at LAX, and sadly, she got caught up in a snafu. Clancey made public her struggle not by sending out a press release, but by putting it out on model for all to see.
This kicked off a high energy show, in which Clancey showed her mastery in the details of this collection. It was in the details along the neckline, the high collar of a cape, around the hip of tunic, and the unexpected hair and eye pieces. Quirky, but done with precision. As we say in in writing, what makes a piece rich is all in the details.

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