Thursday, March 13, 2008

Los Angeles Times Union Negotiations Update

The parties met for negotiations on March 13th, which marks the eighteenth negotiation session. Present on behalf of The Times was Chief Negotiator Timothy Fair, (Tribune Company Senior Labor Councel) and committee members Russ Newton (Senior Vice President Operations), Jay Scott (Director of Human Resources), and Sam Park (Human Resources Manager). Present on behalf of the union was Chief Negotiator Mike Huggins, Union Attorney Adam Stern, Shop Stewards Ronnie Pineda, Keith Denson, David Rascon and Charles Reney.

The Company and the Union reached agreement on a severance package in connection with the previously announced 1.8 million dollar savings initiative in the pressroom. Although more details will follow, the highlights include up to 52 weeks severance and health care for those who voluntarily resign. The application, plan description and overall procedures will be available on Wednesday, March 19 in Human Resources at both plants. The application process will close on Wednesday, April 2nd at 3pm.

Also, as to the overall negotiations, the parties have tentatively agreed to language on the Grievance procedure. Negotiations will resume on Tuesday, March 18.


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