Monday, March 31, 2008

Newspapers For Sale

With all the negative news regarding falling profits at newspapers the past few years, I’m left wondering why three interested suitors are vying to purchase the Tribune Company property Newsday? If and when the Los Angeles Times goes onto the chopping block, three different billionaires have made it clear they would like to purchase the newspaper.

Makes one wonder what the movers and shakers see, that we do not see, for the future of newspapers?

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Anonymous said...

If it weren't for newspapers, the big movers and shakers could do as they pleased. Who's the biggest snitch on the block? Can you imagine how Zell goes through the roof whenever he reads something negative about himself in the papers? It has got to be love-hate. He loves the info as long as it isn't about him. He's just another McCaw-like sociopathic control freak, but his MO is more sophisticated; no, passive-aggressive; no, uh...sociopathic.

Pray for the save from a benevolent king.
Else, kiss your retirement funds goodbye. It's the end.