Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Suh-Tahn and Veronika Jeanvie

Suh-Tahn has done the unimaginable: they rethought the cardigan. Mister Rogers would've loved this updated cardigan pieced skillfully pieced together to move with the body. Even the jodhpurs were chic with intricate stitching below the knee. Their black outfits were draped, folded, and skillfully tucked. Taking their inspiration from the simplicity of tribal and sacred robes as well as neckpieces, Suh Tahn's collection melded a contemporary sensibility into this stunning collection rife wife with details that showcase a worldly aesthetic. Perhaps leaning a bit too heavily on black, it was nonetheless an interesting, engaging and enviable collection. Once again, Suh-Tahn shows it's all in the details.

Highly anticipated and making history, Ukranian designer Veronika Jeanvie. Jeanvie had her first show in the U.S.A. Mentored by acclaimed designer Paco Rabanne.

Rabanne is the designer who captured the experimentation of the 60's with his architectural renditions of dresses in industrial materials, chain mail, and geometric shapes. With her own take on chain mail along with a pointedly form fitting and feminine shape, Jeanvie showed that if you're going to go over the top, go all the way. Her clothes were nothing less than a total overthrow of the memories of Russian bread lines and borscht. Chain mail made cute. Russian mafia goes Vegas. Costume-a-rama. Though the crowd got snarky, let's face it: if we were all 21, a size 2, or were men in drag with bods, we'd be strutting our stuff on the strip ignoring the futile pleas of the Bellagio to show some subtley. Go baby, go. I couldn't help but notice Veronika put the FUN back in fashion week.

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