Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Break Out the Olive Branches and Let's Move On

Love Hillary...Hate Hillary. Was she sincere? Who cares? What I witnessed during last night's speech at the DNC was a concerted effort to bring the Democratic Party together for the good of the nation. I also witnessed the comments of some right-wingers who will go to great lengths to discredit her sincerity in a quest to win the support of those Hillary backers who are bitter because she didn't win the primary.

Well, I say if 30% of Hillary supporters take their votes to the other side, then I question their loyalty to the party. This is no longer a Clinton vs Obama issue. This is now about coming together for the good of health care, economic viability, affordable housing and education, and a lucrative job market, among other things.

As Hillary Rodham Clinton exited the stage to resounding applause, I couldn't help but admire her graciousness and loyalty to the Democratic Party.


Kanani said...

Perhaps the voters who supported Hillary solely due to her gender were sexists.... but casting votes over to McCain makes utterly no sense, and tells me they're a confused lot.

Ironhorse said...

I think what bothers a lot of Hillary supporters is Mr. Obamas wacky Pastor and his relationship with Bill Ayers. He also has some ideas and views that seem a little Marxist to some of us.... That's all I got to say.

Blog Queen said...

hope she got her point across. It was an excellent speech. if she didn't persuade her "sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits" to vote for Obama....they weren't going to vote for him anyway.


Nubia said...

You got that right, Roschelle! The 'sisterhood' wasn't with the program from the start!

Nubia said...

Oh, and BTW, why do you think McCain chose his 'Maverick Pick' who has a 4 month old baby with Down Syndrome?

He thinks it might work, but I don't feel her skills will translate into being a viable VP.

Who has even heard of her on ANY notable scale anyway?