Friday, October 21, 2011

If you have not received your IBT ballot yet please call 877-317-2011

Dear Fellow Teamsters,

If you have not received your IBT ballot yet please call 877-317-2011 to be sent a duplicate ballot. It is important that you take this opportunity to make your voice heard in this election.

Once you get your ballot and vote for the Hoffa-Hall Slate, send it back as soon as you can, then text VOTED to 64336 so we know your ballot has been received. When you are finished with those easy steps, it is critical that you help in turning out the vote. Ask your fellow Teamster members to turn in their ballots too!

With your vote for the Hoffa-Hall Slate in this election we can send a strong message of unity to the country and let them know that we will not back away from a fight for workers rights. Mail back your ballot NOW to stand with the Hoffa-Hall Slate.

Be sure to stay in touch with campaign through Facebook, Twitter, and our website.

In Solidarity,

Jim Hoffa

P.S. If you haven’t received your ballot don’t put off calling to get another one. Call 877-317-2011 now!

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Ronnie Pineda said...

I recently sent the Election Supervisors office a new list of addresses belonging to members who's ballots were returned as "undeliverable" by the post office due to errors on their excel program and the way the address information was input. I corrected all the errors and returned the corrected excel version on Thursday so ballots should be arriving as early as tomorrow. Be sure to send in your completed ballot as soon as possible to insure your vote is counted.