Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Steve Parker Rest in Peace

Sad news to report this morning, forty-four year Los Angeles Times Employee Steve Parker passed away last night after suffering a heart attack.

Steve began his four-decade newspaper career as a material handler in the shuttered Transportation Department, and transferred to the press room in 1972 and was currently still employed.

I have no further information at this time and ask if someone would forward a few photographs I can use online.

Rest in Peace Brother Parker


Anonymous said...

For all the good memories of our 29 years together and all the locker room jokes Thank You Steve.Rest in Peace my friend....Don Staggs

Anonymous said...

Hey Ed,
Just spoke to one of the morning shift pressman and threats are being made about disciplinary action against anyone who misses work to attend Steve's Funeral.
The Nazis can't even back down after
they bring an early demise to one of our own.

LaLaLand said...

Hey Anon welcome to Oly ( and you guys from O.C. thought we were B.S.ing you )

philip chandler said...

love you brother,you were my one coffee club bud.cup of nitro in heaven for you brother