Monday, August 06, 2012

This Weeks Schedule for Comic Bruce Jingles

I have been a fan of Comic Bruce Jingles for over a decade and watched as he grew from a performer to a headliner, always selling out the venues he appears at. Some comics have a stage persona that differs from their real personality, not Bruce, he's sweet off stage and keeps life on the lighter side. Here's a bio about Bruce, followed by this weeks shows.

Bruce Jingles
Bruce Jingles couldn’t pick a better name for his chosen line of work, but he’ll be the first to tell you that his name has both blessed and cursed him throughout his life. After all, it’s not easy as Bruce will tell you to “transition from the sprawling metropolis that is south central L.A. to the hard mean streets of South El Monte”, but being born in South LA, raised in South El Monte and living in the Inland Empire have given Bruce Jingles comedic style that can only occur in suburban southern California. “Growing up, I was always a couple inches taller than the other kids, and when you’re the new black kid in a Mexican neighborhood, there’s never a shortage of other kids trying to prove themselves against you. Add the name Jingles to the equation and you have a recipe for potential disaster. Never mind the fact that I couldn’t fight worth a damn…c’mon man. I had to learn to make folks laugh.” Always eager to offer insight into everything from the political to the preposterous, his material is largely based on personal experiences and observations that were “born in the world in between the comic book store and the local weed house, and all of the other bullshit in between”.

Bruce began his comedy career in 2002 when after attending a show expressed his dissatisfaction with the show to a doorman on the way out of the club, who then informed him of an “open mike” contest a week later. Bruce tells the story; “I was working sales job at the time and figured what the hell, why not? It wasn’t until I won the contest, that the doorman who started it all told me that most of the comics that got paying gigs smoked weed and drank for free. That was it, it was a no-brainer”.

A hardened veteran of the inland club circuit, Bruce’s So Cal based comedy has taken him literally, all over the world. Bruce, “The absolutely coolest gigs that I’ve ever done have been the USO gigs. I mean these are the guys that can best appreciate a good laugh. In fact spending time off stage with these guys has taught me how to find humor in any situation. I mean, these guys are in the worst situations possible and it’s just incredible the amount of levity they can bring into the mix on a daily basis. Going in front of the troops is something I’ll do at the drop of a hat. They really know how to make you feel appreciated”. He tells me this while he shows me a youtube video posting on his I-phone depicting him in Kosovo being run down by a Military police dog while in protective gear. Bruce’s work for the USO has taken him to The Balkans, Iraq (twice) and Germany.

Most recently, he has been voted Inland Empire Weekly’s “Comic of the year” for a second consecutive year and has performed with headliners Jeff Garcia, Carlos Mencia, Chris Tucker, Gabriel Iglesias, Damon Wayans, Dave Chappelle, Dane Cook, as well as his personal comedy hero Paul Mooney, among others. He now presents his own headlining act nationally along with film credits that include two Showtime specials, "Jeff Garcia's Low Budget Madness," and "The Ten Dollar Ticket” along with the soon to be released “Driving Bill Crazy”.
  – Rolando Mota del Campo

8/6 Mon: The Parlor on Melrose Ave. ( Surprise Celebrity Pop In tonight????) 9pm
8/7 Tues: Surprise Appearance TBA
8/8 Weds: Sardos in Burbank @ 8pm FREE
8/9 Thurs: Comedy Store (Belly Room) 10pm $5 guestlist
8/10 Fri: Private Show at Steven's Steak House 8pm
8/11 Sat: Hanging out old friends/family.
8/12 Sun: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ..........

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Anonymous said...

Pretty foul guy. Caught him a few times, seems like loser who has managed to stay alive mooching his way to a life f pot, fat chicks and living with his mother. Not funny.