Friday, December 13, 2013

A true humanitarian, teacher Kye Kim

A few weeks ago as I read the posts on Facebook, I went through the messages on the user group DTLA, and found one that caught my attention from a teacher at the 9th Street Elementary School.

In case your not familiar with this school, it's located in the area of Los Angeles called Skid Row, and many of the children live in shelters.

Here is the teacher's (Kye Kim) request that moved many online users: "Hello DTLA! I know that times are hard, but you are also a generous group. I'm a 4th grade teacher at Ninth Street School. We're located on 9th/Stanford. Many (if not all) the kids from the Union Mission attend our school. We are a Title 1 school - all students are on a free lunch program. I was wondering if there were any groups or individuals who would like to "adopt" my class or school during this Christmas season. The students could write letters to "Santa" asking for one gift and maybe someone can match their request."

The out pouring of compassion was simply a blessing, as many if not all, of the children would possibly not receive much for Christmas. Ms. Kim's simply request blossomed into an out pouring that moved many of us into taking action, to bring some joy to the children. Here's the follow up message from Ms. Kim:
"Update on the Secret Santa project at Ninth Street: so far, every student has received a Santa. i had more respondents than students. that just speaks to the amazing community that you live and work in - dtla rocks! i am still truly amazed at this whole thing. never did i dream this would work out the way it did. i can't thank you enough. i hope it's ok that i hold onto everyone's info in case there are any last minute letters. my apologies to those who did not receive a student to "adopt" for Christmas".

We all need to remember that we can make a difference in the lives of others, as Ms. Kim has. 180 children were all given Christmas presents because of her thoughtfulness, my hat's off to you Ms. Kim, you rock!

The letter below is from one of her children.

9th Street Elementary School Campus 
835 Stanford Avenue 
Los Angeles, CA 90021
(213) 241-6515

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