Monday, December 09, 2013

Monday Night Mission and feeding the homeless in Los Angeles

By Mel Tillekeratne

Why We Must Get As Many People As We Can To Protest The Proposed Ban On Feeding The Homeless!

As some of you may know, we are getting a decent response to our planned protest. Please do not use this as a sign to relax. We must keep getting the word out more!

Please understand what's at stake on Saturday the 14th. Everyone who will see us, especially the City Council who will be watching, will measure our turnout as to how much support the homeless community of Los Angeles has. If there is a low turnout, they will consider it as a sign to do as they wish.

They might not call it that, but they will stop us from feeding the homeless in Los Angeles!

If we work hard for a good turnout, we can use this as a platform to bring about much needed changes in the way the LA treats its homeless community. We can push for more resources to our brothers and sisters who live on the street.

We have a chance of sending a strong message. This might even be the catalyst that other cities need to overturn their own bans on feeding the homeless.

History is in your hands. You have FIVE days left.

Please pick up the phone!

Call all your friends. Text and message your friends through Facebook. Share your own Facebook posts as to why this protest is so important. Make your friends feel the hunger and suffering of our homeless brothers and sisters.

But above all, make sure you are standing tall on the corner of Hollywood and Vine on Saturday the 14th at 4pm!

“Be The Change You Wish To See In The World.” - Gandhi

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What do "they" want to do?