Saturday, December 14, 2013

So who is Mitch O'Farrell, Tom Labonge and Richard Bloom really working for?

Yesterday Mitch O'Farrell released an official statement(

In it he states:

"I supported the right for the motion to go through the public process, and that is why my name appears as the second signature. The motion has the support of the Hollywood Media District BID and Assembly member Richard Bloom."

For those of you who don't know, the purpose of the Hollywood Media District BID is as follows according to the homepage of their website:

"Welcome to, the official website of the Hollywood Media District, Business Improvement District. Business Improvement Districts, or commonly referred to as BIDs, are proven to work by providing services that improve the overall viability of business districts, resulting in higher property values and sales."

As you can see in the last part of their description, their objective is to raise property values and property sales. Not to help the homeless.

Mitch O'Farrell further states:

"We need to come up with a common sense solution that will make it easier for pop-up food distribution programs to operate indoors instead of out.

We need to provide the appropriate restroom facilities and support services needed to give the homeless the dignity and respect they deserve.

We must help the homeless while maintaining some order in the surrounding neighborhoods."

Nowhere does this motion 13-1238( state that they will come up with any alternative food sources, restroom facilities, support services, or anything that "gives the homeless the dignity and respect they deserve" as Mitch states.

What this motion does is crystal clear as it states in the last paragraph:
"I FURHTER MOVE that the City Attorney draft legislation as it relates to noncommercial meal distribution in the public rights of way."

As you can see, the sole purpose of this motion is to ban feeding the homeless in public. They are not looking for any indoor facilities for groups like us who account for over 100,000 meals a month. This motion would effectively stop us as we do not have the resources to find an indoor facility.

By removing groups like us from giving 100,000 meals, they will effectively remove the homeless population from areas like Hollywood and Skid-row, which will eventually lead to higher property values and property sales as is the mission of the Hollywood Media District BID.

So I ask you!

So who is Mitch O'Farrell, Tom Labonge and Richard Bloom really working for?

Join us to protest this motion today the 14th at 4pm at the intersection of Hollywood and Vine!

Mel Tillekeratne
Founder and Leader,
Monday Night Mission

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