Monday, April 28, 2014

Security at the Los Angeles Times Production Facility - You're on your own Employees

Security at the Los Angeles Times Olympic Facility began eroding rapidly as soon as the company began outsourcing departments, in a cost cutting measure, that I often wonder was worth the savings? Way back in 2006 the custodian department was replaced with workers that either couldn't speak a word of English or very little, computers were taken from the room called the Learning Center, and also one of the two computers located in the cafeteria for employees needing to access the Intranet.

As more departments at the production facility were replaced with outside contractors, the thieves had a field day, especially in the personal locker rooms for the workers to change into their uniforms. Nothing of value could be stored in the locker room as the combination locks were disabled in a manner that a strong pull upon the lock would open the lock.

One night after work I stopped by the market and was unable to find my debit card, yet the missing card reappeared the following night in my wallet. As I scanned my bank account I discovered my debit card was used at a donut shop in Inglewood, and was charged just under $6.00 before being returned. Knowing I was not in the Inglewood area on the date my card was used, I became suspicious, and warned all my colleagues' not to leave anything of value in their lockers. And questioned management, why they failed to warn the employees of the hazard?

As we produced newspapers we would see two custodians pushing their mop buckets through the press room, with eight foot long cardboard tubes, sitting in the buckets of water. Little did anyone know the tubes were filled with copper and brass, which they unloaded into their cars at the back of the building.

After almost completing removing all the metal they were caught, and when I questioned the plant manager if they were prosecuted, I was told "They have been banned from all Los Angeles Times properties for life". I still laugh over this.

The very first day we had the new security company take over for the Los Angeles Times security at the Oly Plant, I arrived for my morning shift to witness the new guard manning the gate sound asleep. Really a secure place to work as anyone could simply walk by the snoring guard, and 8th and Alameda is not the safest neighborhood, especially after dark.     

After terminating all the company truck drivers the company outsourced trucking to Ryder, and after a short while the new employees formed a union with the Teamsters. Well as everyone knows the Los Angeles Times is extremely anti-union, and quickly outsourced trucking to Brandt Brothers Trucking, I'm not certain if some of the drivers just hired on directly from Chino State Prison? But several wore orange jump suits, that stated the name of the prison on the back of the jump suits.

The scent of marijuana was present near the loading dock and at the Olympic Street side of the building after the new trucking company was brought onto the property. Luckily for the new employees, they do not fall under the random drug testing the company holds their employees to, or many would be let go.

Last Friday the Los Angeles Times building was placed on lock-down as an employee of one of the companies that rents office space from the newspaper claimed to have a gun, bullets were discovered and thankfully no one harmed. I wonder if he's now banned from entering all Los Angeles Times properties now?

Olympic Crime Wave

Thank You Mike LaPerruque

To the employees at Times Mirror Square, welcome to our world, and the lack of security.

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Anonymous said...

Ed, they found a note on this man and it's circulating on the Internet.

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