Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Rick Cook Update

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Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2006 21:57:19 -0800
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Just to let you know Rick didn't get his Chemo yesterday (Tuesday,Jan.31st). His blood pressure was too low and his pulse was too high(151). He was de-hydrated, so they gave him fluids (about 4 hours). They have postponed his chemo for a week.

The oncologist does not feelthe chemo he is on is working well. The other small tumor that had started on his right shoulder that she was hoping would be taken care of with the chemo had not shrunk; in fact, it had grown some and she wants to try a different chemo; but he has to be prepared a week in advanced for it.

She gave him a B-12 shot yesterday and he will take a week's work of folic acid before he starts treatment. Tomorrow he has another appointment with the radiologist to get set up for radiation on the leg that he broke.

Since there was a tumor in that leg, they feel enough time has lapsed to begin radiation there. We will know more tomorrow; but undoubtedly in will be another 10 days in succession.

Next Monday he goes back to the orthopedic doctor for another x-ray on the leg and he will say when and if the leg has healed enough to begin radiation on the leg. He is actually doing very well with the walker and should be able to use a cane within the next 2-3 weeks.

Next Tuesday will be the third Chemo treatment, so that will be the half-way point.

God has been so good to us to give us such loving and caring friends and family. We thank you for your faithful prayers and know that it is through them that we draw our strength.

Love to all of you from both of us.......Rick and Marilyn

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