Thursday, February 23, 2006

This Month is Full of Changes

The rumors are flying throughout the Tribune Company and at the Los Angeles Times.

The only problem with rumors, many come to be true. One rumor that keeps churning is the replacement of plant directors at all production facilities in March, this rumor will either be false or true within the next few weeks.

Last year one of the many presidents of the Tribune was quoted as saying an additional eight hundred Tribune employees would lose their jobs this year, this statement was retracted as a misquote. But across Tribune land, the employees feel it was a slip of the tongue, and will happen in July, 2006.

This is possibly the perfect time to purchase Tribune stock, this stock has no where to go but up in the coming months.

Congratulations are in order for our friend Ken Reich (Take Back the Times) on the birth of his first grandchild.

Thanks to everyone in responding to my message regarding addresses of purged (retired)employees, to add to the mailing list for our up coming dinner on March 14th, 2006 at Taix Restaurant.

For the new readers of this blog. My mother relocated from East Los Angeles to Cozumel, Mexico last year, and her home was damaged severely by Hurricane Wilma. I will be returning to Cozumel on April 13th to lend a hand (money) in the re-building process. It's way too hot for me to actually do any work, but I will watch as the work progresses, naturally with a cold beer in hand.

My fingers and legs are crossed that I have jury duty this Friday, I will really miss coming to work on Friday (NOT), but duty calls.

Positive and negative comments to this blog are most welcome, thanks to everyone that takes the time to speak out.

Keep your head up and smile,


Anonymous said...

Hey Ed ... Do we have 800 hundred employees ??? to fire ????? ( LOL )

Ed Padgett said...

Any further downsizing would be throughout the Tribune Company, not just the Los Angeles Times.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure Ed ????