Saturday, February 18, 2006

What a Terrible Week at Work

This week is one I would like to forget, but the facts will come out next week in low papers per hour, high waste, and my fingers will be stained with black ink under my nails for days.

As any experienced pressman knows, you never make plans for after work, or you doom your press run for failure. The same goes for telling everyone to have a perfect run, you want a perfect run, but you say nothing about it, till after the fact. Yesterday our boss told every operator they would have or should have a perfect run. This is a no no in the pressroom, and as a result we had a very poor day on the swing shift yesterday. Us pressmen are a superstitious lot.

Our co-worker John Miner has slipped again and broke his arm two days ago. We hope John recovers quickly.

On a sad note, while at the hospital John's doctor started to wrap his head and the nurse stepped in and told him "Doctor, it's not his head that's broken, it's his arm".

For you that do not know John well, he is constantly singing "Dippity Do Da", some wise ass has changed good old John's song to "Slippity Do Da".

Looks like I will be missing the Tina Kim show tomorrow at the Pasadena Ice House, my crew is coming in to work overtime on Sunday. Things happen for a reason, I always believe, I was informed by Tina that a Debi Padgett bought tickets to the show. Tina wondered if this was my sister? No, this is my ex-wife. So there will be no drama at the Ice House tomorrow.

The outlook for Richard Cook is not a good one, his family will be at his side, with family members flying to Los Angeles to be with him. Mr. Cook was a crew supervisor in the pressroom and retired just a few years ago. I have a picture of Rick somewhere, as soon as I can locate the picture I will post it here.

Before one of my co-workers died from the complications of cancer several years ago, he made a request to me, he asked if I would compile a list of everyone with cancer in the pressroom. The list has been growing for many years now, I wonder if the cancer rate for the pressroom is higher than other employees of the newspaper? I may share my list online again. I caught HELL the last time I shared my list online, but I like the attention, so the list will be published again within the next few weeks.

Invitations for our March 14th dinner will start arriving Monday the 22nd of February. If your a pressperson, and in the Los Angeles area, feel free to join us for dinner. The cost is only $25.00 and the food is great at Taix French Restaurant.

I better start getting ready for brunch, my daughter Margaret is celebrating her 19th birthday.

Waving at you,


Anonymous said...

Mr. Padgett,
Your such an ass to make fun of the poor guy that broke his arm. But after viewing his picture, I see your not really an ass after all, poor man looks as if his head was broken

Ed Padgett said...

Dear Anonymous,

John is a really good guy, and we're sorry he fell and broke his arm. The message was in jest, and John enjoys the attention.

And the Webmaster is wondering where his helpers Jesse and Al have been?

Jess Espinoza said...

I'm still here, Ed, this darn cough/cold has been kicking my behind; I think I've turned a corner and am going to survive to write another day. I should be putting something up in the next day or two. Well, now it's time for me to get ready to go in for my overtime day, see you at work.

Al Albanes said...

Wonder no more my friend, am still here, but with this lonnnnnngggg days we had this week all I want to do is nap nap and nap again, sorry I will be writing something soon. Regards to all

Ed Padgett said...

I hear you guys, I too am tired. Dragging my rear now trying to get motivated into leaving for work. I think I'll buy an energy drink and see how long the effects will carry me.

Get well Jesse and get some rest Al.