Wednesday, February 01, 2006

You Know Your Getting Old When.....

Do you ever wonder if your coming down with Alzheimer’s, I often wonder if this is what is wrong with me, I'm sure it's only a slight case though.

I'll rush out of my upstairs bedroom, and run down the stairs, only to ask myself "What did I come downstairs for?". When I return to my bedroom, I remember what I was after downstairs.

This morning Nathan had an appointment at the orthodontist, and they were running thirty minutes behind, so I was watching my clock on my cell phone. After Nathan's braces were adjusted, we drove to the car wash, and while the car was being washed, we ate at the Taco Bell inside. We left the carwash with only a few minutes to spare before hitting the freeways to work. So I gave Nathan the plastic bag with our extra taco's enclosed, and I sped off to work.

About five in the afternoon I discovered my cell phone was missing, I checked my locker and car twice. Looked all over the press, thinking someone was playing a joke on me. I finally gave up, and sat down with a coffee in one hand and a cigarette in the other, pondering where my cell phone could be?

It finally dawned on me that I had placed my cell phone in the plastic bag, which was now in the refrigerator at home. I called home and indeed, my cell phone was just where I placed it.
I'll classify this under CRS (Can't Remember Shit).


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Anonymous said...

Hi Ed I can relate to youre forgetfullness. I call them Grey Outs. This way I dont beat myself up till they develope color. This way they return quickly.