Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Can it Rain any Harder?

About 3:45am the thunder woke me from a wonderful dream, I tried my hardest to get back into my dream without success, maybe she'll return during another dream.

We must have taken something near an inch of rain as the downpour this morning lasted about thirty minutes. And I'm happy to say we had no flooding in our home with this storm.

The news that the FCC chairman wants to end the ban on cross ownership of media (newspapers and television owership in the same city) is welcome news, as soon as this matter is resolved the sooner the Tribune stock will start an upward climb.

The rain has lightened up a bit, so my grandson David will not have to use his sister's Barbie umbrella when he walks from my car to his classroom.



Kanani said...

This morning I am staying home because there are guys here to hang some new awnings. As I look outside, I see a big grey patchy cloud hanging over the foothills, and Mt. Wilson and Mt. Baldy are completely obscurred.

Bet your kids are just bursting with anticipation over the upcoming vacation! Don't forget to travel with a portable pharmacy: GasX, Immodium, Benadryl, Claritin (generic=Loratidine), Eye drops, first aid kit. All of the little things you don't want to be scurrying for when you're on the road.

Bluesangel921 said...

Kanani's suggestions for the portable pharmacy are excellent! I'll be using it for my trip to Hawaii later this month.

Kanani said...

Having traveled a bit, here's what's in my kit:

Cough drops
Eye drops
Bug repellant
a whistle (if you're hiking somewhere and you get stuck)
a small flashlight
a hat (foldable.... not a baseball cap)
a small packet of laundry detergent
extra ziploc bags

And I usually carry all of this on. I don't want it to get lost.

If it's international and I'll be gone awhile, I also bring a length of lightweight cord and 4 clothes pins.

I only pack all of this stuff in large clear ziploc bags so that if I have to go through a search, it's easy and they don't have to open anything.

And I never pack cotton clothes. I have a collection of lightweight, quick dry clothing. Jeans are a big no-no. Too heavy and they stay wet.

RB said...

Thanks, Kanani. I'll copy your list. Have traveled internationally on many occasions, but never carried some of the items you listed. Thank goodness I've never needed them. Now I know. But thinking about it, those items could come in handy for any destination. Almost like a first-aid kit. Just returned from NY and tripping next month to the Deep South (my homeland). Will be prepared.

Kanani said...

The benadryl is if I or one of my kids breaks out in a major allergy fit. Or hives.
The claritin is if we're just sneezy but don't want to get sleepy.

....and.... I forgot... the MOST important thing...
A small bottle of Ocean Air nasal spray for the plane. Planes tend to be very dry, and the nasal passages get dried out. Thus, every sneeze by someone else is potential for you to develp a cold. So I just keep everything hydrated during the flight. Hasn't failed me yet.

It's good to have these things. Scurrying around for them when you need them is costly.

And yes, GasX and Immodium. Those have saved my life! I didn't get dysentery in India or Asia, but I do recall feeling slightly 'off' a few times. I just constantly took GasX. The only times I got 'gastro intestinal sickness' were in VEGAS and HONOLULU.

Go figure.