Monday, April 10, 2006

Do You Know an Illegal?

Here in Los Angeles we come across immigrants from many different countries, some here legally and some illegally here. Nevertheless, we are in almost constant contact with immigrants on a daily basis.

My gardeners speak very little English, but always throw a wave and a smile my way, could it be from the water and beer I give them on the days when the temperature reaches into the nineties? Or are they just a friendly type of people?

Let me get to my point before I wander into a tirade of other things.

I have known my friend ChooCho for many years, and really didn't know if he was here legally or not? ChooCho works three jobs, one as a custodian, one as a cashier at a gas station, and another as a busboy at a restaurant.

When I ran into ChooCho today, he had a large bump on his cheek with an ice pack pressed against his injury, so I asked him what had happened, had he been in a fight? He said he was in an auto accident on Saturday night, and said he needed $1,500.00 to get his car back.

Not understanding the full picture or why he needed so much money for his car's return, I had him explain the best he could in his broken English what had occurred. Seems he hit a car, but has no drivers license or auto insurance, so the police department had his car impounded. I think he's lucky he wasn't also arrested.

I had a car impounded for three hours once back in 1980 because the registration wasn't visible (no plates yet),and it cost me $54.00 to have my car released, can you guess what the fees might be today? Probably somewhere near $100 per day in impound fees.

I feel for ChooCho, yet I wonder why he did not get a drivers license or insurance for his car? Today he's driving his brother's car to work, what would happen if he were pulled over by the police on his way home?

Just some thoughts to ponder...



Adena said...

It's my understanding that L.A., Houston et al are among shield cities. It is illegal for police officers to ask people their citizenship status, even though that contradicts federal law. Maybe that plays a role in why he wasn't arrested.

Anonymous said...

On May 1. All Ilegal and and friends and relatives of people here in this country Illegally. Are launching a protest across the nation. They will not show up to work and shop at any American corporation. That includes for food. I will be supporting this cause.

Anonymous said...

Ed once again you MISS the point what about the other GUY!! who is going too pay for HIS Medical expences ( WE ARE !! ) I feel for your friend ( blame MEXICAN GOV. ) but nonetheless it's that type of thing that happenes when their is NO boarder patrol
Italy , the Nietherlands , Germany
Holland do not put up with what we do with this issue

Ed Padgett said...

ChooCho is self medicating himself, he never sought out medical care. His cheek looked much better today, but his arm is still very sore from the accident.

ChooCho has not missed a day of work, since his accident, and has not been involved in the protests.

His auto accident costs all of us that have insurance, through un-insured drivers fees with our carriers.