Friday, April 07, 2006

The Jeff Johnson Story

From LAObserved by Kevin Roderick

The credit tag at the end of the LAT story on the Mammoth Mountain tragedy includes one Jeffrey M. Johnson. Who's that? Well he's the publisher of the paper. He happened to be in Mammoth Lakes (skiing?) and called in some feeds from the scene. The credit line (and lack of dateline) suggests that he's the only Times staffer in Mammoth, which would be strange since even the TV stations managed to get in last night.

While I'm visiting Cozumel next week I'll keep my eyes open and camera handy for any breaking news.



Anonymous said...

It must be nice to go sking during a work week when stock prices are down .And everyone is worried about their jobs ( sounds like typical tribune )

Anonymous said...

I'd like to second that thought of prevous anonymous this guys heart is not with the working man if he's on a mamomth mountain ski trip and our stock is nice low price our excs continue to preach but like jimmy swaggart their all sinners and accountibilty does not apply to them.